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Shaving Cream Paint & Book DIY

DIY Shaving Cream Paint

Did you know that you can make your own paint with only TWO ingredients- shaving cream and food coloring! How about some messy fun today? 
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DIY Bubble Wands

DIY Bubble Wand Craft Project

We are making DIY Bubble Wands that are both perfect for making bubbles AND for imagination play the rest of the year! It’s summer and one of the great joys of the season is getting outside! What better way to have fun in the sun than by making bubbles? Let’s get started.
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Watercolor Castle

The History of Albrecht Dürer

As a German company with a global expansion standing over 200 years, history is ingrained in the physical and metaphorical structure of Faber-Castell. Established in the aftermath of the Renaissance period, our past, present, and future are strongly influenced by cultural and artistic movements of the 18th century. No matter the era, our products hold a standard of the highest quality, influencing why our professional-grade watercolor products are named after Albrecht Dürer; artist and Renaissance pioneer.
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Back to School Paper Plate School Bus

Back to School Paper Plate School Bus Craft

Summer is winding down 😥 and it's time to prepare the kids for the next adventure. We are preparing for Kindergarten and with this milestone transition comes some new and possibly scary experiences. While my daughter is excited to ride the bus for the first time, she can't help but be a bit apprehensive about it. I am hoping this cute paper plate school bus craft will generate curiosity and excitement!
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Watercolor Clothing Line Painting

Celebrate World Watercolor Month

What comes to mind when thinking about the month of July? Of course, we have the summer essentials; fireworks, barbeques, and warm weather. For those with an artistic side, July is officially declared World Watercolor Month thanks to founder Charlie O’Shields. Creator of the watercolor blog “Doodlewash,” O’Shields founded World Watercolor Month to unite artists in celebrating watercolors while sharing their artwork, as well as raising awareness of the need of children’s art supplies and art education.
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Hand lettering on bullet paper drawn with a Pitt Artist Pen

Bullet Journaling® Series Part 1: Intro to Bullet Journaling

The practice of expressing our thoughts and needs on paper has been around for millennia, but when a concept called Bullet Journaling® was introduced, journaling as we knew it shifted. Throughout the last few years, the popularity of Bullet Journaling has flourished into a lifestyle, having all of those on the outside of the trend curious. What even is Bullet Journaling? Why would I need a Bullet Journal®? The man behind the method is Ryder Carroll; digital product designer, New York Times best-selling author, and inventor of The Bullet Journal Method.
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Hand lettering with a white Pitt Artist Pen

More Than Just a Color: White Pitt Artist Pens®

In a world full of color, perhaps the most powerful pen an artist can use is a white Pitt Artist Pen ®. Adding a white Pitt Artist Pen to your collection brings the opportunity to add dimension and character to your images as well as alter the appearance of other colors. Made of India ink and available in four nib sizes: brush, calligraphy, 1.5 mm bullet nib and 2.5mm bullet nib, Faber-Castell’s white Pitt Artist Pen offers professional grade quality in a versatile artist marker.
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Hand lettering written with Pitt Artist Pens

Rethink Your Ink - Pitt Artist Pens and India Ink

Artist ink pens and markers adapt fundamental artistic expression through ink with the modern world. Sequential art, illustrations, drawings, portraits, fashion design, and canvas paintings all can be created using an ink pen or marker. The make of artist ink pens and markers vary with different colorants and solvents being used. They can be alcohol-based made with dye or water-based made with pigments. Before you get creating, make sure you know the properties of the ink you are using.
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Two Pitt Artist Pens with one drawing a line

Explore Art Styles with Pitt Artist Pens®

With every product made, we at Faber-Castell live out our dedication to being your companion for life. Our Pitt Artist Pen ® embodies this mission with its reliable India ink and flexible talent of being the go-to tool for a multitude of artistic outlets.
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Faber-Castell color pencils

How to Make the Best Quality Colored Pencils

Discover the process behind creating Faber Castell’s quality colored pencils, carefully crafted to best serve the vision of the aspiring and professional artist. Providing quality color pencils is a craft we’ve mastered and have been dedicated to for hundreds of years. Born from wood growing in our FSC certified forests, every step in the manufacturing of our color pencils promises a quality result.
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Coy fish draw on paper with Albrecht Durer watercolor pencil

The Best Paper to Use for Art

Understanding the best paper to use for art is crucial to the quality and success of your work. The paper you choose affects how your medium of choice will perform. Watercolors and color pencils both have a specific paper designated to enhance and protect the qualities of that medium.
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Polychromos and Goldfaber color pencils

Colored Pencil Comparison: Polychromos® & Goldfaber

Faber-Castell’s collection of colored pencils coincides with our passion to support your creativity at every age and skill level. That is why we created our Polychromos artist’s color pencils and Goldfaber color pencils in our Art & Graphic and Creative Studio lines. Every colored pencil of ours is manufactured for exceptional performance with high-quality pigments and SV bonding but hold their own unique build and qualities.
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Albrecht Durer and Goldfaber Aqua Watercolor Pencils

Watercolor Pencil Comparison: Albrecht Dürer vs. Goldfaber Aqua

Faber-Castell offers Albrecht Durer Artists’ watercolor pencils and Goldfaber Aqua watercolor pencils. Both watercolor lines are created to capture your creative visions but have a few differences in their design and delivery. Regardless if you create your art on a hobby or professional level, watercolor pencils are an excellent tool to express your artwork in a unique way and bring your colors to life!
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Two Pitt Artist Pens. One pen drawing a line.

Learn Pitt Artist Pen® Techniques

One of the many reasons we at Faber-Castell are proud of our Pitt Artist Pen collection is the versatility it provides, all while delivering a high-quality result. With every line drawn in reliable and richly pigmented India ink, the result is unmatchable. Add texture, density, and more personality into your work by practicing different techniques. Whether it be hatching, compressing, or highlighting, incorporating these drawing techniques will add the perfect finishing touch to your image.
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An assortment of Pitt Artist Pens

What is a Pitt Artist Pen®?

Faber-Castell’s Pitt Artist Pen ® has been the favorite artist quality pen for almost a decade; with its versatility and variety of nibs and colors, it’s not hard to see why. Available in 66 individual colors and fourteen different nib sizes, we encourage you to push the pen’s creative limits and discover what you can do with your art.
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